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This time I will discuss about the Opera Mini web browser from Opera for personal computers, which have been publicly available since 1996. Opera Mini began as a pilot project in 2005. After a limited release in Europe, was officially launched worldwide on January 24 2006.Opera Mini requests web pages through the Opera Software server, which processes and compresses them before sending them to mobile phones, speed up the transfer by two to three times and dramatically reduce the amount of data transferred, charged to a lot of phone data plan.
processing increased compatibility with web pages not designed for mobile phones.On March 2012, Opera reported a 168 million unique users of Opera Mini is active and 117 billion page served during the month. This is an increase of 60.4% since March 2011.
Portable application is a computer application or program that can be run without prior installation. The program can be easily stored in the storage media whether it be cd, usb flash disk, or sd card.Jenis Program is an option that very much. Many types of programs that are portable, because there is Abi Word word processor, graphics processors have the Gimp, even MacOS is also already in portable form. Imagine, in a moment, we have a stand-alone operating system that we can use at any time without the need to install.
The advantage of this type of software is that you can take the data and programs needed to open it anywhere opened on any computer. Because data is stored on a portable device, then data security is also benefited because it is not stored in a particular computer.

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